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How does L2MEGAPVP work? ?

Have you ever thought about playing a Server without WIPE, that your account and your items are always available to you ?!

The L2MEGAPVP has a system that ended with the reset of accounts and items.

The MEGAPVP project, works with world creation in a single login and server merge.

Common questions

What does server join mean? ?

  • Answer: Joining servers is a system that has been designed so that you never lose your items. Even if you don't log in for years, your characters and items will be waiting for you.

  • When does server merge happen?

  • Answer: When the NEW SERVER (x200 NEW) is on the same level of items as the OLD SERVER (x200 OLD), the servers become 1 only.

  • I have a full character on the OLD SERVER (x200 OLD), when I open a NEW SERVER (x200 NEW) I will be able to enter my full character on the NEW SERVER ?

  • Answer: No! When a NEW SERVER (x200 NEW) is opened, it will be a new server. That is, if you want to play in it, you will have to create a new character.

  • I play on OLD SERVER (x200 OLD), I can see/interact/attack NEW SERVER staff (x200 NEW) ?

  • Answer: Yes! In certain events players from different servers can see each other and attack each other.

  • We created a balancing system that allows players from different worlds to see and attack each other in certain events.