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OLD Server goes offline at the inauguration of a new world ?

Does the OLD SERVER (x200 OLD) go OFFLINE when a new world (x200 NEW) is opened?

  • Answer: Yes! The OLD server is offline for 10 Days after a new world opens.

  • Why does SERVIDOR VELHO (x200 OLD) go OFFLINE at the opening of a new world?

  • Answer : In our project, we work with the INTERACTION OF WORLDS system. This system allows old server players to attack new server players in: (Events, Sieges, Area PvP, Tournament). For this reason, it is necessary to let the new server equip itself for 10 Days, until the old server is freed.


  • Answer : It is an exclusive system developed by the l2megapvp team. The world interaction system allows players from different worlds to interact in certain server events.

  • I bought VIP and Hero Monthly, when the old server (x200 OLD) is turned off, do the days stop counting?

  • Answer: No! Only the eternal hero/vip system does not count the days when the old server is shut down. The opening of a NEW server is announced several days in advance. Avoid buying hero or vip monthly on the eve of opening a new server.

  • What is the best date to buy VIP or Hero Monthly on the OLD server?What is the best date to buy VIP or Hero Monthly on the OLD server?

  • Answer : 1 week after the opening of a new world, as soon as the OLD server has its access released. This is the best date to buy monthly systems.